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Trodat Bestseller - Climate-neutral. As standard.

Trodat Bestseller

Trodat Bestseller - Climate-neutral. As standard.

After the amazing success of the Original Printy 4.0, Trodat now enlarges the range of products that offer climate-neutrality as standard in order to maximize the positive effect for the environment.


As of 2013, Trodat will manufacturemore than 70 of its best selling products with the highest content of recycled plastic that is possible, in order to reduce the company’s CO2 footprint. In a second step, the residual, unavoidable CO2 footprint of those products will be compensated by investment in Gold Standard climate protection projects recommended by the WWF®. As a result, Trodat offers its best-selling products climate-neutral – as standard!


“From our point of view, true environment and climate protection orientation manifests itself by the company showing that it commits its main business - i.e. its standard products, to environmental and climate protection, thus maximizing the positive impact.” says Dr. Hildegard Aichberger, Managing Director of the WWF® Austria in an interview with Managing Director of Trodat Markus Würcher. “The path taken by Trodat to offer its main products as carbon neutral is therefore exactly the right one. That should be preferred to just offering green secondary product lines because of the more positive climatic effect.”