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Trodat hand-stamp pads

Hand-stamp pads from at least 85% recycled plastic

​Trodat 9051, 9052, and 9053 hand-stamp pads are optimally tailored to the user's needs and from now, are being manufactured with at least 85% recycled plastic. This reduces these products' CO2 footprint and conserves the environment and our climate.

An attractive new packaging design highlights this change and presents the new products’ many

• The sturdy plastic housing enables convenient, single-handed operation.
• The cartridges suffice for thousands of clean imprints and they don't dry out when open for prolonged periods.
• The water-based inks are suitable for all climates and are indelible of course.

Trodat 9051, 9052, and 9053 hand-stamp pads are available in black, blue, red, green, and violet.