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original printy 4.0 - climate neutral. as standard.

Der 1. llimaneutrale Stempel


Trodat succeeds with a sensation


Original Printy 4.0 is climate-neutral. As standard. Redesigned from the aspect of sustainability, it's already possible to save up to 49%* CO2 during production compared to the previous model. And investment in Gold Standard climate protection projects recommended by the WWF® compensates for the remaining, unavoidable CO2 footprint. Climate neutrality relates to the stamp components.


Exceptional engineering has made the Original Printy 4.0 much smaller and lighter than its predecessor. In addition, it consists of up to 65%* post-consumer recycled plastic. This saves valuable resources and up to 49%* CO2. The Original Printy 4.0 is produced with 100% electricity from renewable energies. Really reducing CO2 emissions, not just buying climate certificates, is important to Trodat. That also inspires partner WWF Austria.






How does trodat achieve the enormous CO2 reduction?

Printy klimaneutral GrößenvergleichPrimarily with the product itself—where it's most important: exceptional engineering has made the Original Printy 4.0 much smaller and lighter than its predecessor, and it consist of up to 65%* post-consumer recycled plastic. Valuable resources and up to 49%* CO2 are thereby saved. It's crucial to exhaust all the possibilities to reduce CO2 at the product level:


From up to 65%* post-consumer recycled plactic > saves raw material

Smaller > less material needed 
Lighter  > less CO2 during transport
Producion with100% green electricity  > environmentally friendly

Since no production process can take place without energy consumption, all unavoidable CO2 emissions are additionally compensated for in a further step—through investments in Gold Standard climate protection projects recommended by the WWF®.



A recent TED global conference series video also covers the subject of plastics recycling. Its goal is to share great new ideas that can positively change our world. In this video, Dr. Michael Biddle, founder of MBA Polymers and our supplier for post-consumer recycled plastic, speaks about the possibilities and advantages of recycling plastic.

A little tip: the Trodat Ecoprinty appears in minute 9:52





Decisive: product optimization instead of 'paying ransoM' 


Trodat is therefore on the right path. Many other companies just buy climate certificates without constructing their products any more environmentally friendly. It's a questionable practice that's often criticised as 'paying ransom' or 'buying indulgences'. So it's important for Trodat to first of all reduce its product's CO2 emissions. And the unavoidable CO2 footprint is also neutralized through investments in climate protection projects. Here it involves exclusively Gold Standard projects recommended by the WWF®. 

*) ECO-black and ECO-grey. Lower percentage for other colours.